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Get down!

I cannot stress enough the importance of point of view in landscape work. Almost all toggery nowadays is typically shot at eye height. The ubiquity of rear LCDs exacerbates the habit of course and obviously smartphones encourage this style of shot. But even togs who use tripods are in the habit of putting their camera at eye level, when a lower point of view is very often a better solution to the composition conundrum. Not always, but often...

It's one of the most important things I ever say to people (who will listen haha!). Stop seeing literally, start seeing laterally. Explore the options beyond the obvious - and this includes your point of view.

Here's a literal shot that I took on Dartmoor at dawn:

And here's a lateral, alternative shot that caught my eye and got me just a tad damp as I lay on my tummy to acquire the angle. Sometimes you have to suffer for your art!


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