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Think, move, recompose, shoot, repeat...

A wonderful commission took me down to the beautiful fishing village of Port Gaverne on the north Cornish coast last month. What a gig... I spent three days in the campervan parked up on the edge of the natural ravine harbour overlooking the Atlantic. Such a pleasure to wake up in your own bed and be right there, on location whenever you go away!

Here's me campervan, 'Viv', just before sunrise, on a recent excursion to The South Downs.

Anyway... Other than one brief cloudburst, the sunsets and sunrises were relatively dull and not really what the client wanted for the gallery (I'm going back for more...), between the fairly incessant showers, I had some lovely changes of light on the landscape.

My point is: make the most of what you're given by Mother Nature. It may not be what you expect, it invariably isn't what you want and it seldom, if ever, is what you pre-fantasised about before you even set off from home...

So don't pre-fantasise before you arrive, pre-visualise after you arrive.

Think, move, recompose, shoot, repeat.

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