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Ophelia (drowning in ochre...)

Yesterday, we were being drowned - well, drenched anyway - in the crazily diffuse yellow-ochre light caused by the Saharan sands that were being carried into the atmosphere above the country by Storm Ophelia; the UK press and online editorial galleries have, for the past twenty-four hours, been littered with post-apocalyptic images from all over the country. Some of the London ones I have seen are astounding.

I have a confession to make...

Despite being the day of my award of UK LPOTY 2017 going live and public, when I looked out the window and saw what was happening in the skies and on the landscapes of West Sussex I just had to nip out to the coast and nab some snaps. I knew the tog community would understand - and forgive me for being off the media grid for an hour or so...

And where better to go than the place I shot the winning image that made me El Poty?!


It really was a spectacle at the south coast during the weird light show that Ophelia gave us - and here are my fave toggery witterings from my brief excursion to The Witterings.

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