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My toggery chums

It is a matter of great pride for me that the participants of my West Dean College Liminal Light course, from December 2016, are an actual ongoing thing. Meeting up for well organised early shoots, followed by hearty breakfasts, the group is totally up for it and has some serious talent in it. It was a great pleasure to connect with them all again for a dawn shoot in Selsey.

Scheduled for demolition, the old lifeboat station looked truly ghostly in the dense sea mists that dominated the entire morning's shoot. It may not have been what we expected, but everyone managed some memorable shots in the unusual conditions.

Rodney hard at it in the morning fog

Ditto, Mary - and do please note Steve trespassing on the gantry!

I nicked Mary's idea of course - or was it Steve's?

I suspect maybe we all got this shot though haha!

...and I thought this was pretty representative of the morning's dense conditions. Talk about a pea-souper...

Anyway, what a delight to meet you all again. I hope to get together with you really soon.

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