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London Calling

Well, it's a whole month since my last post... Quality not quantity though, I fancy, wouldn't you agree?


Tower Bridge at twilight

Nikon D810, 70-300mm Nikkor at 180mm, ISO 64, 1.3 seconds at f8, tripod

14th June 2016

"Show and tell." That's my blogging mantra. In other words, this equation:-

Nothing to show + nothing to tell = nothing to blog

I won't bother publishing a so-so post that's just gap-filling my thread and clogging up the blogosphere. Hope you're with me on that...

So here I am; a countryside and coastal landscaper roaming the tortuous metropolis of our cosmopolitan capital for a couple of weeks. Goodbye quiet empty spaces, goodbye one hundred and eighty degree horizons and goodbye nature's vast and yawning coastal vistas; hello tube trains and black cabs and red buses and commuting chaos and madding crowds and tortured tarmac and techno-mayhem and steel and glass and concrete and a forest of sky-scraping cranes...

London again. The beauty and the beast.

And, of course (it is June after all...) clouds and gloom and rain nearly every day that I've been up here... Seven days now of 02.30 alarm calls have yielded just two fully productive mornings. Mother Nature... What is she like?! D'oh! Gloomy, rainy and cloudy conditions can produce great results in many circumstances obviously (and I do teach that all light is good for photography) but not in the context of the projects' portfolios I'm specifically working on up here...

Commissioned assignments brought me here and have meant me being out for the pre-dawn in many typically tourist-rammed (yet at the ungodly time of a midsummer 04.30 dawn) completely deserted locations. On the couple of occasions that I've been able to shoot with any degree of success the city has offered up an atmosphere of quarantine and abandonment that provides for some really moody, enigmatic photo-ops, like the eerie urban aftermath of some zombie apocalypse.

So, like many of the tourists here, I'm loving London, the dismal weather - not so much...

St Paul's Cathedral

and a motionless London Eye at 05.00

Nikon D810

70-300 Nikkor at 300mm

ISO 64

1/400 second at f8


10th June 2016

Piccadilly Circus; abandoned at 04.15

Nikon D810, 14-24mm f2.8 Nikkor at 14mm, ISO 64, 0.6 second at f8, tripod

10th June 2016

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