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Sometimes, minimalism is a total boss.

Breakwater Marker and Crescent Moon

Nikon D810,

50mm f1.4 Nikkor,

19 seconds, f8, ISO 64, tripod

07.01, 4th March 2016

The south coast around Chichester is littered with breakwaters and breakwater markers. These handily provide leading lines and focal points for minimalist seascape compositions.

It was a calm and crisp March dawn with still waters at Pagham Harbour. No dramatic cloudscapes or histrionics in the waves and there was a lovely pastel palette of pale peach and powder blue to the scene. The crescent moon above the marker validates the negative space that dominates the image’s top half - its presence is not always immediately obvious to the viewer, so it provides a visual surprise and a secondary point of interest in what would otherwise be a fairly routine minimalist image.

I used an exposure time long enough to smooth the water without blurring the moon.

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