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Messing about with boats

Fishing Boats at Aldwick

Nikon D810, 50mm f1.4 Nikkor, 15 seconds hand-held, f16, ISO 64

08.27, 21st February 2016

Under normal circumstances, the high level of ambient light outside during daylight hours prevents cameras from using the slow shutter speeds that produce the kind of effect you see in this image. A neutral density filter in the daytime allows for long exposures of several seconds in broad daylight; these speeds would otherwise be denied the photographer.

In this instance, I have used a ten-stop ND filter (which is a piece of glass, similar in opacity to a welding mask window, fitted to the front of the lens) and have hand-held the camera throughout the fifteen second exposure. There is a great deal of experimentation involved with the ICM photography technique and certainly there are no general rules – but this is half the fun. Results are often painterly with a compelling element of mystery to them.

Be prepared to shoot quite a lot of rubbish before you find a sweet spot with the technique…

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