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The UK is awesome.


Here, at the chilly confluence of the North Atlantic Ocean and the Northern European Seas, sits our rainy little island. We may not have high plains, tropical forests, alpine mountains, frozen tundra or arid deserts… But the UK truly is a mutable treasure trove of coastal and countryside grandeur.


As well as featuring some of the world’s most extraordinary historical and natural landmarks, there are over five thousand kilometres of coastal paths. You could spend ten years travelling the country and only photograph ten percent of it… Actually, I just made that up, but it sounds kind of plausible, right?!



St Audrie's Bay




My mission is to provide fellow togs with comfortable, effective UK tours and workshops where method, composition and vision can be evolved in dynamic surroundings that are relatively simple to access and offered at reasonable rates. I also endeavour to ensure that (other than participants' personal travel arrangements to and from our hotel location and any personal bar or wine tabs) the package is all-inclusive, i.e. accommodation, meeting room facilities, meals, light refreshments, transportation between the hotel and our shooting sites, portfolio critique and personal/group tuition.


But what about the weather?! I hear you ask. Sure, there are rare occasions when it is virtually impossible to take pictures, but these rare occasions are indeed extremely rare occasions. I make a point of teaching that all light is good for photography; as photographers, we have to learn how to appreciate light’s varied qualities and possibilities - and to compose our images with apposite consideration to the conditions Mother Nature offers us.


Please check the tabs above to review the workshop tours currently booking.

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