Freshly laundered landscape

October 17, 2016


By lunchtime it was shaping up to be a classic afternoon for photography. I planned to be at East Head in the afternoon because the weather forecast was for squally rainstorms clearing from the west (some of my favourite end-of-day shooting conditions)...

East Head, West Wittering

Nikon D810,14-24mm f2.8 Nikkor at 14mm, 1/250 second, f11, ISO 64, tripod,

17.42, 16th October 2016

West Wittering provides stunningly beautiful uninterrupted westward views, so I was confident I would come home with some keepers. In the event, by the time the light became creamy and interesting in the golden hour, most of the clouds had pretty much cleared the skies so I began looking for compositions with foreground dominance.


The day’s wind and torrential rain had swept away all the impurities in the atmosphere leaving crispy-clean air all the way to the horizon so images were freshly-laundered and super-sharp.


This was a favourite of the bunch.

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