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I deal with all client orders personally so you will be speaking to me directly about your requirements. 


Please feel free to call or message me with your enquiry. I will ensure that together we produce the perfect print and framing option for you and the space you have in mind for it.


Prices start at £199 for a 400mm x 300mm print.

Printing, mounting and framing have traditionally always been the final stages in the process of photography. The endgame for every worthwhile photograph is for it to be viewed as a print. It is a shame therefore that, in our screen-obsessed twenty-first century culture, very few images are ever committed to print any more. Most are destined to be swiped away after being glimpsed for a transitory instant of forgettiing on a telephone.

A framed print brings the moment and the mood of the photograph to life. Viewing the image by reflected light, rather than by incandescent light from a screen gives it a reality that cannot be replicated by a computer monitor.

Prints are in a limited edition run of ten units only per size, come in three sizes and each is signed and numbered with its own certificate of provenance and authenticity.

All images on the website are avaiable as framed prints. Most will go to pretty much any size you would ever need in a normal domestic environment. If you have a particularly huge space, say, over two metres on the longest edge, then I can advise you whether the resolution of your chosen image will allow it to go that big.

The printing and mounting processes for framed images use    conservation grade, acid-free materials throughout. The print medium is museum quality Hahnemuhle fine art pearl or Fuji Crystal paper and the inks are certified over two hundred year lifespan pigment-based giclees.


Images can be laminated (Fuji paper only) and bonded to art-board or left unmounted.They can be mounted and framed in the traditional way and, depending on finish, either be glazed or left without glass. 

I also use a process that adheres the image to aluminium di-bond and seals it behind acetate, for a frameless, contemporary finish.


Once you have placed your order, I personally supervise the entire printing and despatch process, liaising directly with a diligent and meticulous printer whose work I trust implicitly and with whom I have been working for years. After initial test print approval, each final print is scrutinised by me before being released. 


Prices start at £199 for a 400mm x 300mm print.

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