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Greetings, my fellow earthling, do please come in. This virtual edifice is my humble submission to the limitless biome of digital art. Conceived in and offered up to a planet already overwhelmed by unremitting visual stimuli (a remorseless bombardment that runs a gamut from the grooviest fine art to the shabbiest aesthetic pollution; and quite where mine sits on this perilous scale is entirely subjective obviously but, as you're here, I would like to think that it's at the former, funkier end...) it is the outcome of both an agreeably maturing personal journey and an ongoing singular compulsion through quest, endeavour and  experimentation for photographic creativity and technical precision... That all sounds a bit nerdy and arty-farty, I know; but it's true.

Amidst my legion, lurid locomotions, psychotropic madcap notions, awkward, zany self-promotions and contradictory creative commotions, the personal portfolio certainly took its sultry time to evolve and emerge as an interconnected, cohesive body of work. But I now know that it was an inevitable artistic consequence because, deep down, like an enduring fragment of my motivational psyche, photography has always been there over the years, possessing me with its challenges, catharses and fulfillments. Finally (and scarily for me, it must be said) it has taken around half a century to arrive at what you see here... By any mortal measure that’s quite a while to postpone doing fully the thing that, truly, I was born to do...

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